Musical project KAGO DO is a real injection of a fresh sound in the world of electronic music. The group consists of two talented musicians who give to the audience non-standard IDM / Electronic / House / Techno sound. In addition to making music the project is actively playing Live PA and DJ sets. One and the other are deeply in love with music, what allows them to bring their magical vibration right to the heart of the listener. Both were born in Belarus, but as cosmopolitans they don’t tie themselves with a certain place. They travel around the world to get new emotions, which undoubtedly leaves a trace on their music. Producing a truly unique product on the music market, every year they are gaining more attention from the world’s best music labels. At the moment their tracks has been released on Traum Schallplatten, Bermudos, Stereo Paradise, Wavetech, Bonzai, Quadrature and others. Their sets have been seen on such stations as FRISKY RADIO (NY), FLAT.FM (MSK), CANARIAS TECHNO RADIO (TCI), a video broadcast have been included in such sets of stations as PDJ TV and P14 video podcast. P14 video podcast - project designed by KAGO DO, which allows everyone on the planet plunge into the emotional mood. Different DJ’s who united by underground music culture, and want convey their emotions, ideas and fully disclose the boundless depth of electronic sound. KAGO DO has participated in such major festival like Kazantip, what shows us once again that they attract new audience and growing exponentially all the time.